The Belgian fashion house FNG Group has booked international success with brands like Fred & Ginger, Expresso and Claudia Sträter. Their brand Ginger offers the FNG Group 'slow fashion'; timeless clothing with an emphasis on quality and durability.

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Slow fashion

We designed the webshop and created the new Ginger brand with a simple page layout, a somewhat rough, authentic photography style and background stories with the collections.

Come as you are

Together with the management, we explored the "come as you are" concept. "Come as you are" is about your personal style and the freedom to be who you are. Ginger stands for quality, authenticity and honesty.

And Ginger is about unique garments. Collectors items, made to complete your personal style. To emphasize this, we'll give every garment a unique number: 'No 104/Collection one'.

Alexia Boiteau Visual designer

Guest curators

Guest curators present their personal favourites from the Ginger collection on the + Guests pages, and showcase their choices in their own environment. By showing real people in real life, we demonstrate that clothes can reinforce your identity.

Web shop with store appearance

Each webshop page is designed with great attention to detail. The mood boards with the store image also served as the basis for the webshop design; a lot of white and black, with large ‘grainy’ images. It’s almost as if the photography is letting you feel the texture of the fabrics.