Designers and engineers. Storytellers and strategists. Fabrique is a digital design agency. We design and build websites, shops, interactives, apps, brands and identities.

We always use strategy as the starting point for our design. We are a strategic partner for our customers in various areas.

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Digital design
We design and build anything with pixels. Apps, websites, smartwatches. Always with the best user experience.

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In the digital world, design and technology are one. We integrate design and technology for optimal user experiences.

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A brand is more than your logo. What is the essence of who you are? We’re convinced that a strong brand should be felt in everything you do and say.

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Service design
Is your customer journey completely clear to you? Touchpoints, processes, and staff: we make sure they all work together perfectly.

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Digital transformation
How can your organisation keep up with the digital age? We can help. From a shared vision to reality.

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Digital marketing
Continuous analysis and optimization of your website ensures lasting success.

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E-commerce is a whole new ball game: result-oriented, analytical and creative. Together with our customers and development partners we significantly improve conversion rates.

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Software and tools
From easy-to-use planning tools to systems that regulate luggage at airports. We create tailor-made tools and software.

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UX in public space
The densification of our cities and the diversity of users of public spaces and buildings indicates that it is increasingly important to give that space a good shape and meaning.

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