From kids’ TV to art appraisal shows, from classical music to the Eurovision Song Contest. Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS explores every aspect of the cultural landscape. Throughout its century-long history, AVROTROS has had a deep-rooted commitment to culture. Now, AVROTROS is staking its claim as the primary Dutch broadcaster for culture. We developed a new website that brings all this cultural content together in one place.

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Contenthub for culture

AVROTROS is a broadcaster with a very diverse range of content. Art appraisal program Tussen Kunst en Kitsch and popular music program Muziekfeest op het Plein are very different, but at the same time connected by their cultural value. Bringing this content together results in interesting contrasts and overlaps. We took advantage of this while designing the website and looked for friction and surprise to challenge users to make the switch from art to pop music.

Example mobile designs AVROTROS

Beyond your preferences

To bring the breadth of cultural content to life, we introduced color themes associated with cultural domains such as art, musicals and classical music. By marking the categories with colors only (and not giving them names), we encourage visitors to look beyond their own preferences. The use of color provides subtle recognition and showcases the wide spectrum of available content.

Mobile designs with different color themes
Overview thumbnails different themes

Try something different

At the bottom of each page, we again encourage visitors to discover more. We do this by offering more similar content on the one hand and different content that has no overlap with the visitor's interests on the other. In this way we pique users’ interests and hope to broaden their horizons.

Dynamic identity

The visual identity, designed by Studio Dumbar in 2020, is grand and dynamic. We have embraced this identity and have brought it to life online using animation and typography. Our digital design places an emphasis on movement, recognizing its importance.

Content Formats

To tell different types of stories, we developed five unique content formats. The formats have been designed to put the content first and create the best environment for that type of content. Each format is different and has its own identity, appearance and interaction.

Examples content formats AVROTROS