Service design

A consumer always uses a product or service in order to achieve a greater goal. Having a fun day out with the family, or getting the right kind of help in hospital. Understanding your customer at every point in their journey, and making sure that your organisation contributes to that journey, is the main goal of service design.

Service design is a service of Fabrique Strategic Design.

The three basic principles of service design

Each service design project consists of three important parts.

More specifically design research, such as context mapping and interviews. A service design’s scope is large by nature and the questions are complex. Much knowledge is stowed away in the heads of the various people that are involved in the service.

Ordering platforms in space and time, in journeys or on maps. This is at the core of service design, the orchestration: what will be the central concept and what will be the recurring theme? And then: how do we create it?

Your organisation must be able to offer and support the required user experience. How will responsibilities change? Which new tasks will appear? Which new skills will be needed?

The orchestration of touchpoints, places, processes and people

To explain service design in one sentence we use Cheryn Flanagan’s definition: “Service design is the orchestration of touchpoints, places, processes and people, which together support the complete user experience.” Service design requires customer experience maps, stakeholder maps, service blueprints, and more. For example, we made a customer journey for Swapfiets to see where improvement in the system was needed. And for Schiphol, we conducted research into the traveler experience and the work experience of the Marechaussee for optimum border passages.

Thanks to the use of service design, you as an organization can distinguish yourself with a unique and good customer experience, stay in better continuous contact with your target group, determine which technology and channels are best suited and decide which revenue model to choose. In order to increase your customer satisfaction and your turnover.

Fabrique, thoroughbred service designers

At Fabrique we see strategy, communication, interaction and transaction as one whole. We have been building and designing websites, apps and printed publications for our clients for years, and have been combining them into clever journeys. Our teams of designers and researchers keep the helicopter up high and make sure no tool, platform or application becomes an island. Together they make up the total customer experience.

Our work in service design

Projects we are proud of.

Brandmeester provides legal help in a completely new way. Predictable, with upfront pricing, and completely online. We mapped the entire process of the service, designed it, built it, and wrote the content.

Making legal assistance accessible to all


Texel's own ferry service, TESO, has been taking passengers to and from the Dutch island for 112 years. As a modern, sustainable ferry service, TESO wants to provide its passengers with excellent service in all respects. We made this possible with a new website, ticket flow and identity.

An optimal ferry trip


For a technical company, User Centred Design thinking is a big step. By borrowing a practice from the automotive industry and presenting a piece of the software as a concept car, we've created a tangible vision of the future. And got the transformation rolling.

UX design innovation for airports


If you haven’t been through this yourself, then certainly a family member has: there’s something wrong and you have to go to hospital. You are sent from one doctor to the next, from one department to the next. You're overloaded with information and you’re not sure what’s important and what’s not. As a leading medical centre, UMC Utrecht wanted to improve things for its patients, and asked for our help.

A handle on your hospital visit

UMC Utrecht


Our vision in service design

How do you design an app millions of people will trust?

Advice to governments for the design of a corona app.

Patrick Sanwikarja

UX design innovation for airports: concept car to the rescue

A tangible vision of the future. And get your transformation rolling.

Pieter Jongerius