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At your fingertips, anywhere, any time.

Allowing the collection to be at the fingertips of the general public. Majestically, but also simply. That is the online goal of The Rijksmuseum. The new app means this is now possible whenever and wherever the user wants. In the train, on the sofa and in the museum itself.

The image comes first.

Just before its reopening in 2013, we developed the museum’s new website. A revolutionary and award-winning design. The use of large pictures was copied by many. blew the dust off the unique collection for good. 

The crackle in 340,000 works.

Rijksstudio has been an important component of Rijksmuseum online since 2013. In Rijksstudio you can download free high-resolution images - more than 340,000 works of art. You can zoom in so far that you can see the crackle in the paint. Now that’s how you get up close and personal with the masters.

Bushy moustaches and white swans.

Surprising nudes, scary bugs, strange birds or thick moustaches; with Rijksstudio you can design unique or wonderfully weird collections. Collections that beg to be shared on social media.

Create your own masterpiece

De Zwaan as a robe. A still life as a tattoo. Ladies’ lingerie based on a 16th century cabinet. With Rijksstudio you can create your own masterpiece. Rijksstudio is your very own collection, craft corner and museum shop in one.

Rijksstudio - zwaan op chiffon

Showcasing products.

In 2016, the webshop was also thoroughly rebuilt. Together with Burst we created a webshop which carefully follows Rijksstudio’s philosophy. It’s all about the visuals. Products are showcased with carefully stylised still lifes.

All in one app.

The new app also puts visuals centre-stage. We were able to create an optimal solution by developing the collection and multi-media tours together in one app from the beginning.


The Rijksmuseum is a large and impressive building. But with its 80 rooms it can be disorienting. That means a good wayfinding system is required. The app allows you to decide which way you want to go. That way, you will intuitively get to know the structure of the building. 

The blue room shows you where you are, the red arrow shows you where you need to go. Using the four flights of stairs as hubs, the app shows you the way to a new area in no more than three steps.

Rijksmuseum  wayfinding app - design Fabrique Rijksmuseum  wayfinding app - design Fabrique Rijksmuseum  wayfinding app - design Fabrique

Multimedia tour.

The concept of the multimedia tour is closely related to the wayfinding principles. You can use the app to discover the museum yourself by choosing your own route. The 300 beacons mean you will get the right information at the right place. You can also choose a themed tour, for example about Rembrandt or Dutch colonial history.

Rijksmuseum  multimedia tour - design Fabrique Rijksmuseum  multimedia tour - design Fabrique Rijksmuseum  multimedia tour - design Fabrique

The future of heritage.

The Rijksmuseum and Fabrique have been working together since 2004. This means the Rijksmuseum’s various digital platforms form a clear and consistent whole. Using consistency and simplicity as a base, Q42 and Fabrique keep adapting, improving and renewing the app and the website. That way, the Rijksmuseum will always remain a national and international trendsetter.   


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Interaction design

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Project Management

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Visual design

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