E-commerce is a special branch of sport: result-oriented, analytical and creative. Fabrique has extensive experience in designing and developing large and small web shops. From screws to groceries, from fashion to travel, you can buy it in "our" web stores. Together with our customers and development partners, we realize significant conversion improvements.

E-commerce design for conversion

In the first place a webshop is developed to sell. Thanks to our broad experience in designing webshops that convert well, we can advise you as to which of your brand and product range features will contribute to sales. What kind of filtering you’ll need. And for which products. Through metrics and AB tests, we’ve learned what interface patterns convert the best.

Brand-driven approach

Our experience in bringing brands to life knows is extensive. Effective sales also means: how do you distinguish your offering? With our brand-driven approach, we will always find this distinction. Whether it’s in a great look, a unique advisory module or a recognisable tone of voice.
We can use your chosen positioning and brand stories, or develop them together with you and your colleagues. We can help in creating convincing photography, text and video.

Independer was often seen as merely a comparison site, not to actually take out the insurance. That’s why we now thanks to the new website profile Independer clearly as a 'shop', with the application button always in sight every step of the way.

From comparing to closing the deal


HEMA is for everyone. Its fun and easy-to-use products shine with brilliant simplicity, except for online. And that’s exactly where HEMA has set its sights. By cleaning out the clutter, we made hema.nl simply HEMA again. Result: 20% more conversion, 41% more revenue from mobile payments, 25% increase time on site.

Making HEMA HEMA again


Omnichannel commerce

In retail, ‘offline’ no longer exists. Omni-channel business has been commonplace for most retailers for years now, and the mobile phone is a common tool for customers, even on the shop floor. It starts with a full-responsive webshop or a native app. Looking for innovative technology applications or unexpected links between the digital and physical world? Let us think with you.

E-commerce development

The e-commerce work we do is often for major brands like HEMA, IKEA, Dutch Lottery and Albert Heijn. Then we work as a strategy and design partner together with an implementation specialist. We have experience in designing webshops that run on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Oracle and Magento and more. For webshops with less turnover, such as the Design Museum London and Viktor&Rolf, we often deliver the development, depending on the situation based on magento or Shopify. Want to find out what the best solution for you could be? Let’s think about it together!