Museum De Lakenhal

After almost 3 years of renovation, Museum De Lakenhal has now been returned to the public. We developed a new app to go with the revamped building. An app that uses the latest AI techniques and gives an impressive 360° video experience of the building.

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Experience it your way

Museum De Lakenhal is one of the first museums in the world to use AI technology to provide visitors with background information. There are no QR code or beacons. Visitors need nothing more than to simply point their camera at the artwork. Image recognition allows the app to give more information on any artwork. And the great thing is: visitors can choose for themselves what they find interesting. Gone are the days when everyone was presented the same highlights.

Slow looking

Many museum apps end up creating more distance between the visitor and the art. By making them follow a particular route, for example, or by presenting lots of text that needs to be read on the screen. Museum De Lakenhal's app tries to be as unobtrusive as possible. Most information is presented in an audio format and the app only gives information when the visitor wants it, taking their location into account. The visitor hardly needs any attention for the app and can focus instead on the art and the building. We call it "slow looking”.

app museum de Lakenhal design by Fabrique

No story is ever truly over

The museum's stories don't end when the visitor is back home. In the evening the visitor receives a message telling them that a personal video has been created. The video shows atmospheric images and a few of the works of art that the visitor scanned with the app, allowing them to relive the visit. The app also provides tips for a next visit. Based on the works of art that were given the most attention, the app might also give tips for other museums.

Extend your visit to Museum De Lakenhal with the app

In the comfort of home

Once the visitor is back home, they can discover even more about the museum with videos and longreads. They can also visit the museum from their sofa; all rooms can be viewed with 360-degree photos in the app.

Museum De Lakenhal 360 videotour Fabrique

We also created a unique virtual tour of the building, in which the visitor is taken through the most beautiful rooms by the museum director and other experts. With 360-degree videos and hotspots, you can discover the museum online and in Virtual Reality, wherever you are. That way, the museum becomes accessible to everyone.

Embraced by professionals

We gave a short workshop about the app to the museum staff and volunteers. The employees convey their enthusiasm to the visitors, which so far has resulted in positive responses and a pickup rate of 6%.

Shortly after its launch, the app also proved to be very useful for the museum’s collection managers. With a small adjustment, we made it possible for all the works in the depot to be scanned as well. The app has made the work that is done behind the scenes a lot easier.

Conservator at work with the Lakenhal app

A joining of forces

We developed the first iOS and Android version of the app in 6 months - from the first workshops to the release - together with a team from Museum De Lakenhal and Zooma. In parallel, we developed a 360° video tour of the building. For both the app and the video tour, the Museum De Lakenhal team developed the new content.

Artwork Museum De Lakenhal