We are Fabrique

Designers and engineers
Storytellers and strategists

Fabrique is a strategic digital design agency. Together with our customers, we create exceptional brands and experiences that deliver change, improvement and results. We work for national and international brands from our two studios in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


Making legal assistance accessible to all


Online gift shop


At your fingertips, anywhere, any time

GVB Amsterdam ticket vending machine

Buy your ticket easily


Making HEMA HEMA again

What we feel, think and share

UX design innovation for airports: concept car to the rescue

A tangible vision of the future. And get your transformation rolling.

Pieter Jongerius

Designing for a 1,5-Meter World: Why the Designers' Toolkit Won't Save Us

Why the Designers' Toolkit Won't Save Us

Adam Mandelman

How do you design an app millions of people will trust?

Advice to governments for the design of a corona app.

Patrick Sanwikarja