In the digital world, design and technology are one. That is why Fabrique employs both designers and developers, and has done since 1995. This way, design and technology are fully integrated, allowing us to create an optimal user experience.

Developer aan het werk bij Fabrique. Fabrique verzorgt development voor website, apps en webshops.

We build everything we design

We have the expertise to meet all possible wishes and requirements; software architecture, backend, frontend, and app development. We can develop every design down to the smallest detail: websites, apps, web shops and interactive web applications (for example for account environments). And we like a good challenge! Our recent projects have included a multi-website platform for hotel chain Eden Hotels, a multilingual and multiregional content driven website for Luxaflex. And a high traffic website for the biggest festival in the Netherlands, Lowlands. If we are not the very best at something ourselves, we ask one of our (specialist) partners to collaborate with us.

Our stack

To give you an idea of what we work with, here are some names in our technical stack: Linux, Django, Python, Wagtail, Microsoft .NET, Umbraco, Redis, PostgreSQL, GIT, Webpack, Babel, Gulp, Sass, React, D3js, Vue.js, NginX, Apache, SSH, Supervisor, Elasticsearch, Gunicorn. Never heard of some of these? No problem, we are good at explaining what things do and how they work. And above all: how they can help you reach your goal. We choose the systems that are best for your online objectives, existing technology, business needs and, of course, for your users.

When it comes to the frontend, our users’ needs come first. They don’t know why, but the site is “just so easy to use”. We use the latest technologies (Webpack, React, SCSS), for the best user experience.

Marko Kruijer Tech director

Collaboration with design

We not only develop apps and websites, we also determine the strategy, branding, user experience and make the design. Together we determine the online brand feeling. Our developers and designers work closely together.

From advice to maintenance

Together, we can decide which role Fabrique will play in your project when it comes to technology. We could arrange everything for you, from A to Z, or we could just advise you on how to improve and expand your online landscape - or anything else in between. Even if we are not the developer party, design and technology will still be integrated. We are used to collaborating with all kinds of different teams.

The collaboration does not stop after your product has gone live. We are happy to take care of the maintenance ourselves, or organize a certified managed hosting company to take care of it.