When it comes to our frontend, our users rule supreme. They don’t know why, but the site “is just so easy to use”. Our frontend uses the latest technologies (Webpack, React, SCSS) for the best user experience.

Optimal user experience

We attach great importance to the quality of our frontend. It is the link between technology and design and therefore determines the user experience. Our code complies with the W3C guidelines, and we meet the requirements for threshold-free code. We have a clear separation between the model (HTML), the behaviour (Javascript) and the presentation layer (CSS). In addition to leading to sustainable code, this also ensures good findability by Google and other search engines. It goes without saying that all our websites are responsive.

Our stack

To give you an idea of what we work with, here are a few names from our stack: Webpack, Babel, Gulp, Sass, React, D3js, Vue.js., SCSS, Linux, GIT, SSH. For each project, we look at which frontend technology best fits your online objectives, existing technology, business needs and, of course, your users.

Smart reuse of patterns and source code ensures speed so that we can spend extra time on the parts of the project that set it apart from the rest. You can see this in our tooling, for example. With Webpack, Babel and Gulp we can meet the technical requirements of each individual project and/or connected 3rd parties.

Collaboration with design

As we said previously: for us, frontend is the link between design and technology. These two elements should actively collaborate so that we can come to the very best result. In addition to this, we also work closely with our customers, using our 'open kitchen'. Through direct contact between the right people we can make great things together. Each using their own knowledge and expertise. For example, front-end developers not only bring our designs to life in a pixel-perfect way in the browser. They also help the design process with prototyping.

Do we only do frontend?

Certainly not. We also have a lot of experience with backend development and CMS development. We work with Django and Wagtail, or another programming language. If you would like to find the best solution for you, we would be happy to brainstorm with you!