Fabrique is a strategic digital design agency. We always use strategy as the starting point for our design. We are a strategic partner for our customers in various areas: from business strategy to branding, from customer journey development to transformation to digital. Also we help our customers to set up or improve their own design teams or design systems.

Strategy is in our blood

We don't just make a website or app, but always look for the question behind the question. Because to succeed, a design needs a clear direction. We think in terms of ends, not means, and - together - find the best solution for your long-term strategy.

How we approach strategy

A strong concept connects strategy and result. It ensures that it is felt in every fiber of the final identity mean(s). Whether it is an app, an online store or a client dashboard.

Strategy has many faces and angles. We approach strategy based on the philosophy of Design Thinking. That is why we always approach a strategy question holistically. We look at the human, business and technical site of things (better known as desirability, viability, feasibility).

We use the following three steps:

  1. Analysis (desk research, analysis, workshops, interviews)
  2. Reframing the issue based on the new insights, in the form of the developed strategy and a clear design briefing
  3. Validation of this strategic direction, both during the development process and afterwards

Brandmeester provides legal help in a completely new way. Predictable, with upfront pricing, and completely online. Fabrique was involved in realising this legal service from the very beginning. In collaboration with the client we designed it, built it, and wrote the content. Giving Brandmeester everything it needed to break open the traditional legal market.

Making legal assistance accessible to all


Compelling installations in the Turbine Hall. World-famous exhibitions. But there's so much more to see in the Tate. There are hundreds of rooms and more than 200 activities. How do we make sure visitors discover that once they are inside?

Find your day

Tate London

Validated learning

Because we believe in learning by doing, we prefer to apply the principle of validated learning. The best solution to test your strategy is to put it into practice and learn from the results. This is very important in projects where digital transformation plays a major role, for example, to prevent assumptions from appearing to be the truth. That is why we come up with a tactical solution as soon as possible, based on the developed strategy, in order to test it in practice. Short lead times are important here: after all, we want to identify incorrect assumptions as quickly as possible so that we can make adjustments. We use the insights we gain to sharpen the strategy.

What works for me?

The precise implementation of the above approach differs per client. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. For a corporate startup, a business model canvas is an excellent tool to see whether the value proposition matches your target group, for an SME entrepreneur an adjustment in online branding can be useful. If you think you have a strategic question, please contact us and together we will see what works best.