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We are Fabrique, defying categorization since 1992. We are analytical and we are creative. We follow our hearts and we get measurable results. By making the complex simple. By being curious and going deeper. We are a digital design agency that isn’t afraid to choose.


Making legal assistance accessible to all


Online gift shop


At your fingertips, anywhere, any time

GVB Amsterdam ticket vending machine

Buy your ticket easily


Making HEMA HEMA again

What we feel, think and share

Why I don't use personas

I never really use personas. But since I'm new at Fabrique I have stumbled upon them a couple of times already.

Oscar van Beek

Branding: The End of Storytelling

Used and abused, the term “storytelling” has become an accepted and overused buzzword.

Alexia Boiteau

Designing with data

An interview with Jens and Rogier, data specialists at Fabrique.