Health and wellbeing

With well-designed systems and services, the right strategy and research, we improve the care experience of patients and caregivers. 

Practical information about an appointment for colonoscopy on telephone for UMC Utrecht

Many opportunities for improvement

Dutch healthcare is improving every year. Life expectancy is higher than ever. But when we talk to care providers and patients, we hear frustrations about processes. What care worker doesn't recognize this: bloated systems that don't do what you want or are so cumbersome that you'd rather do things by hand. And it’s no better for patients: fragmented information and no clear overview anywhere. Healthcare is lagging behind other fields when it comes to administrative processes, especially the digital ones. We see many opportunities for improvement. By applying service design and design thinking, we can make an important contribution.

From problem to solution

When new clients come to us, it is always with a question or problem. As a strategic design agency, we must first fully understand this question or problem. Then we go out of the box to visualize the right solution. This visualization is different for every situation; it could be an interactive demo of your website or a detailed roadmap of the best user flow.

A representation of the electronic patient file system HiXX. On the left you see what the current system looks like and on the right our alternative design, made during the 3-day hackathon Dutch Hacking Health

Evidence-based and for everyone

We believe in evidence based, so we test our designs on those who will use them. We conduct in-depth interviews before we start designing, so we know what to take into account. Once the designs are ready, we test them again with the users. So that all designs are intuitive and therefore user friendly. For everyone.

User test of our Service Pharmacy app facilitated by Visio. Our team watched on the big screen as Jesse, a blind user, used the app with a screen reader

From design to successful implementation

There is a strategy, a new concept or design. How do we ensure that these solutions are actually implemented? Many different systems are used in the complex healthcare landscape, so it is important to work together intensively. We're used to working in large multidisciplinary teams: designers, developers, business analysts, copywriters, and of course the stakeholders.

For us, working together means working together. We map out the problem as a team and decide on the direction we want to go. Then we start designing and testing the designs with users

Overcoming obstacles together

Healthcare needs to innovate. By applying service design and design thinking, we want to have a big part in this innovation. By tracking down the obstacles to innovation and overcoming them. Together. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to come to you and see what obstacles we can overcome together.

Our work in healthcare

Projects we are proud of.

The Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis in Delft moved to a new hospital in 2015. For the children's and youth departments of the new building, we developed an environment that offers children distraction and relaxation.

Turning a hospital into a child friendly place

Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis

KSYOS is the largest digital healthcare institution in the Netherlands. They offer specialist medical care to 1,500 patients every day through teleconsultation. Close to home and without waiting time, with the aim of making healthcare smarter, better and more human. We gave KSYOS a new visual identity and a new website.

Working on your health


How do you get the elderly out of social isolation? The Municipality of The Hague asked hackers and designers to develop a service that improves the quality of life of the elderly.

Virtual Reality against loneliness

Hack the Planet

In America, a good hearing aid is expensive and often difficult to obtain, because hearing care professionals travel far. As a result, hearing impaired people buy something online that has not been adjusted personally. With a crystal-clear visual style and simple, clear illustrations, we made an understandable app for this relatively old target group.

Take control over your hearing



Our vision for healthcare.

Design as a cure for 'innovation pill’ side effects.

Here are four insights from design practice to prevent these side effects.

Patrick Sanwikarja

Insights from usability testing with visually impaired users

Insights from usability testing with visually impaired users.

Wendy Steffens

Six guiding principles for people-oriented change in healthcare

The contrast between innovative eHealth experiments and daily reality in healthcare.

Patrick Sanwikarja