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Cases Turning a hospital into a child friendly place.

Turning a hospital into a child friendly place.

The Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis in Delft moved to a new hospital in 2015. For the child and youth departments in the new building, Fabrique developed an environment that offers children some much-needed distraction and relaxation.


Create a concept for the child and youth departments of our hospital that encourages interaction and movement. Because children should be surrounded by a stimulating environment. Even – especially – in hospital.

Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis kinderafdeling - Concept Fabrique


With the theme ‘Make the world of the Reinier de Graaf your own’ we challenge children to create their own world. We came up with five different worlds that are linked thematically. The worlds keep coming back to the basic elements of air, land and water; elements which are also used throughout the rest of the hospital.

We help the worlds come to life through stories, drawings and an audiobook. In our stories we mix reality and fiction, connect past and present. Wall-sized illustrations from Merijn Hos of the five stories can be seen along the corridors of the children's wards. The animations of his brother Jurriaan Hos give the five stories in the audiobook an extra dimension.

We leave enough spaces open, so that the children themselves can colour in their imagination. The illustrations provide an opportunity for interactivity. With various games and materials, we support the children to create their own world, relax and just play. Children can dive into the worlds and transform into a pirate, policeman, DJ or astronaut. The main objective is that they can build on the stories in their own way. The children are the boss!

Digitaal luisterboek De Wereld van Reinier - Fabrique


Five worlds are created, in which children are the hero. In time, we will bring further life to the worlds with new concepts.

In May 2018 Reinier de Graaf was rewarded with a 'Golden Smiley' for excellent childcare. The committee was very enthusiastic about our concept as a contribution to the centralization of the child.

Reinier de Graaf presentatie luisterboek Fabrique - oktober 2017 Foto: Fred Nijs

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