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Working on your health.

Ksyos is an innovative institution for specialist medical care. With 3000 medical specialists, 6000 general practitioners and 3000 other health care professionals, Ksyos is the largest digital healthcare institution in the Netherlands. It provides TeleConsultation to 1500 patients, close to home, without any waiting time and for a fair price. The aim is to make healthcare smarter, better and more humane. We gave Ksyos a new visual identity and a new website.


Develop an identity that matches the Ksyos ideas, and design a new website based on this identity.

KSYOS logo design Fabrique


Ksyos has grown from a lone idealist into an enthusiastic company that makes impersonal care personal. That treats its patients like people and gives them the freedom to work on their health in their own homes. After all, your health should be up to you. It can be that easy. So why make it difficult?

This philosophy is the starting point for the Ksyos brand and identity. The logo stands for a holistic approach: the whole spectrum of consumer, patient, specialist and GP. In terms of main colours, we opted for pink and orange. Warm, feminine shades that are supported by a palette of bright colours. The use of colour exudes fun and gives the brand a non-medical look. The tone of voice fits in with the total concept: understandable, easy, quick to get to the point.

For the pictures the choice was made to photograph small scenes per speciality. The images tell the viewer something about the specialism, without showing the type of scene you would normally expect from a medical institution. The photography concept was to take pictures in which there are no people or medical contexts.

Together, the site’s photography concept, the use of colour and the tone of voice give the impression that working on health is fun and easy.

KSYOS design website Fabrique


A colourful, cheerful website. Progressive and human(e), exactly what Ksyos stands for. Currently the site is still mainly aimed at general practitioners and specialists. Next year will see the leap to consumers.

Drukwerk KSYOS door Fabrique

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