Conversion rate optimization

The moment your website goes live is an important one. A great milestone. But the work is certainly not done. For lasting success, it is essential to keep the conversion rate high after the website has gone live, which means frequent course correcting. That is why at Fabrique we analyze visitor behavior. By regularly looking at the numbers together and optimizing the website, we can ensure maximum results. Conversion optimization is part of our digital marketing service.

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What is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is about setting up a website in such a way that visitors perform valuable actions more often. By 'conversion' we mean the conversion of a visitor to a buying customer, and 'optimization' stands for optimizing a website so that a visitor converts. Simply put, we want to get more conversions with the same number of visitors.

Circle conversion rate optimization

Our approach

CRO is a cyclical, continuous process in which we look at the data after each round of testing. We always divide our work into 5 steps.

  1. Defining targets
    Measurable targets determine the success of your website. During a kick-off meeting we draw up the key performance indicators that form the basis for the CRO strategy.
  2. Analyzing
    Once we have determined the objectives, we start by looking at the analytical tools that you already have, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize and Hotjar. If any tools are missing, we install them ourselves and set them up. We create a dashboard in which the most important data is visible at a glance. This way we can translate abstract data into concrete knowledge.
  3. Drawing up hypotheses
    On the basis of our analysis and observations, we list the bottlenecks. We then use this list to create testable hypotheses. Together we determine which hypotheses we will test first.
  4. Design and testing
    We design variants of existing bottlenecks to investigate our assumptions. We test the designs with different methods and techniques, such as A/B tests, heat maps and usability tests.
  5. Evaluation and implementation
    We present the test findings in a clear report. We then decide together which solutions we will implement.

The result

Conversion rate optimization is an effective method to get visitors to follow your desired flows better, faster and with more ease. It is an ongoing process. A little improvement every week. A higher conversion rate every month. We always remain actively involved to ensure that your targets are successfully met.

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