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Understand what you hear.

How do you create a new audience for classical music? With Wolfgang we brought the concert hall into the 21st century. Wolfgang enriches the concert experience with explanations and the storyline. A skipping stone in the previously peaceful pond of concert halls everywhere.

A broader audience for the classics.

Wolfgang’s main objective? To make classical music more accessible. More approachable to a younger audience, a broader audience. Wolfgang aims to stimulate discussion on the future of live music and tackle concert hall etiquette.

At the right time.

While the musicians play, Wolfgang offers an explanation and the storyline. An occasional glance at your smartphone will do. Exactly at the right moment, the app reveals what you’re hearing in the music. In crisp, well-timed phrases.

Research in the concert hall.

We have tested Wolfgang extensively in the concert hall. How will people around you react to the app? Any disturbance to other visitors by Wolfgang is kept minimal, thanks to the dark screen.

Abject idea or cool experiment?

What an abject idea. Then it’s no longer about enjoying [the music] 'together', but about a room full of people who are busy on their mobile phones. The biggest annoyance and misery of our time.

Reaction on Facebook

Reaction on Facebook

A good example of acceptable disruption. The app can provide a behavioural and attitude change, within the world of classical music.

Jury SpinAwards

Jury SpinAwards

From concert hall to living room.

Wolfgang was launched at the Holland Festival 2015. Since the introduction, Wolfgang has been applied at dozens of concerts in the Netherlands.

We’ll continue to develop Wolfgang. Even now, the app can be used in combination with radio broadcasts of concerts. Onwards! To the next standard for concert experiences.


Wolfgang is an initiative from culture adviser Johan Idema. We developed Wolfgang in collaboration with Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ and with the support of Stichting DOEN and the VSBfoundation.


Portret van Jari Versteegen



Art direction

Portret van Lucas Moeskops




Portret van Marko Kruijer




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