Fred de la Bretonière

For more than 40 years, Dutch shoe brand Fred de la Bretonière has been a constant in the fashion industry. The combination of hand-crafted quality with an eye for detail and materials makes it the brand for elegant, self-aware women. Fabrique stepped into the world of Fred de la Bretonière and developed an internal and external brand guide: the mindset for the future.

Step into our world

The brands Fred de la Bretonière and Shabbies have grown through the ambition and craft of Fred de la Bretonière himself. But Fred is now taking a step back. Therefore, both our own teams and our partners at home and abroad need something more to hold onto and feel. How do we pin down the brands for the future?

How do employees experience the brand?

We started by interviewing employees. This helped us explore the brand that until now had lived only in peoples’ minds. How do employees experience the brand? A question we asked from the management to the production floor. And what would Fred de la Bretonière himself like to convey to the brands he had built up – mostly based on intuition?

One joint mission and vision

We got together with the stakeholders to further sharpen our first insights. This led to a clear brand architecture. Because the two brands derive from Fred de la Bretonière’s own vision, they share the same values. That is how we came up with one joint mission and vision for the Fred de la Bretonière Group.

Two brand guides

Among the Fred de la Bretonière Group are two brands with their own brand story and personality. Fred de la Bretonière is 'casual elegant': the brand for the strong, self-aware woman. Shabbies is the brand for the younger target group: 'pure, raw and beautiful'. We developed two brand guides that explore the world of Fred de la Bretonière. One brand guide for internal staff and one brand guide for anyone who comes into contact with the brands.