Veilig Internetten

Everyone in the Netherlands must be able to use the internet with confidence. The central government, the Platform voor InformatieSamenleving ECP and the business community have joined forces in the joint initiative Veilig internetten (Safety on the Internet).

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A website as a self-help book

We designed the informative website, an independent website with tips, tricks and step by step guidance.

Customer journey inventoried

Thinking on the basis of the content. During a three-day ContentScrum together with the client we inventoried the customer journey and determined the structure and editorial formats of the website. We developed the assembled content further and tested it in a click dummy.

Step by step solutions

In designing the content, we used the metaphor of a self-help book; we linked recognisable situations to workable step-by-step solutions. We do not delve too deeply into internet protocols and other technical information, however. The website is for everyone, not just nerds.

Hall of fame

The site has been designed and built in accordance with the applicable security and accessibility guidelines for government websites, and is listed in the hall of fame with a score of 100%. is no campaign website but a trustworthy and independent information source. That is why form and interaction are well presented but secondary to the content. The customised illustrations and animations visualise the different themes and make the mainly textual website easy approachable.

Louise Roose sr. UX designer