SmartOcto design dashboard

SmartOcto is a tool for editors and content marketers. Based on Big Data, SmartOcto calculates the best scenario for each story. Across all the nearest content channels. As one of the shareholders of the start-up, Fabrique developed the SmartOcto brand and tool.

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SmartOcto design dashboard

Statistics that advise

We believe that Big Data can make content strategy much more enjoyable and effective. That is why we developed a tool that allows numbers to ‘speak’ in human language. Not a tool that you weigh down with unnecessary information, but one that gives you a plan. Using this integrated approach, you as an editor will know at any given moment how readers perceive the story.

SmartOcto design dashboard of a story by Fabrique

A virtual colleague

SmartOcto matches up analytics. Real time and across various platforms; websites, apps, newsletters and social media. SmartOcto visualizes the range of a message intuitively. And SmartOcto is action oriented. Based on a smart algorithm, the tool translates all the data into specific posting advise.

A virtual colleague who always keeps you up to date on the impact of your stories, and supports you with useful tips and tricks: integrated, insightful, actionable and fun! The tool was immediately picked up by major Dutch media outlets such as BNN-VARA, de VRT, De Persgroep, Heijmans and SBS.

Newest feature: Tentacles

Based on a smart algorithm, SmartOcto Tentacles gives you targeted advice on how to post messages. Tentacles focuses on optimizing the homepage and the index page, the window of a journalistic brand. Either the place to bring an article to the attention. This way you can optimize your AB-testing headlines and the placement of articles on the homepage and index page (orchestration of content).