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The smart dialogue.

The Radboudumc is a progressive and innovative university medical centre. Using their mission ‘to have a significant impact on healthcare’ as a starting point, Radboudumc wants to lead the way in terms of patient care, education and research. Wherein the patient is equal to the health care provider. Fabrique developed a new website for Radboudumc. A website that helps visitors further in a very human way.


Develop a website that takes a big step towards online services. And let content and interaction connect with our ambition and mission, with the key words: innovation, excellent, efficient and – above all – human oriented.


No longer thinking based on the organisation’s point of view, but on that of the target groups’. We began by interviewing all the stakeholders. What led you to contact Radboudumc? and How do you use the website? were just some of the questions we asked patients, doctors, researchers and students. Armed with all the information from our design research, we developed our concept of ‘the smart dialogue’.

Based on the question How can we help you? we offer visitors personalised and relevant information. We give patients clear suggestions and answers to possible questions through ‘healthcare pathways’. In each phase: from orientation to intake, and from research and treatment to follow-up care.

Under the Education tab, we provide overview and clarity for both students and doctors. Research is the page for academics, businesses, government and others who may be interested. By presenting themes (and not just stating the affiliated institutes) Radboudumc can take pride in showcasing themselves and the impact of their research.

We have strengthened the clear visual identity of Radboudumc, with minor adjustments for online appeal. The content (about 9000 pages on the old site) has been completely rewritten. The pieces are more accessible, compact and humane. Through the site’s modular design with content blocks, the information can be used in different ways and placed where needed.

Radboudumc - mobiel - webontwikkeling Fabrique


A designed content-first website that enters into a personal dialogue with you. The modular design makes the site sustainable and forward-looking. The digital service results in fewer paper brochures. A complex organisation now shows a human face.

Radboudumc - responsive webontwikkeling Fabrique

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