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The promising world of finance.

Interesting challenges.

From a brand perspective as well as through service design glasses, we find the world of financial services quite interesting. So many opportunities for new, innovative products and services, where customer convenience takes centre stage.

Customers go for convenience.

In recent years the financial sector has lost some of its customer confidence and sympathy, but is starting to rebuild that slowly. This makes branding an important aspect, but not in the traditional sense; today’s branding is about storytelling. The customer is looking for convenience. That’s why we now see banks invest heavily in accelerating innovation, which should lead to new products and services that will delight customers.

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The Lean Start-Up philosophy and Agile approach

The Lean Start-Up philosophy and Agile approach are good starting points for banks and insurers. These are relatively simple methods that help to accelerate innovation. Together with the Scrum Academy we help them to make these methods stick via agile training and coaching. Take the work we did for Aegon and Delta Lloyd, for example.

Adding on to Delta Lloyd step by step.

We also worked closely with Delta Lloyd to develop their new website. They asked for a website that supports them in becoming the most customer-focused insurer in the Netherlands. We have chosen a project approach that suits a large and complex, and therefore slow going, organisation.

We updated the website in phases. The first scrum project produced the first building blocks for the new website, from which we were able to perform two subsequent scrum projects and develop the rest of the site. This also gave Delta Lloyd time to change as an organisation, and to get going step by step.

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