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Education and science

Our branches Education and science

Innovation starts here.

At Fabrique we believe that education and science form the starting line for innovation. It's not for nothing that Fabriquers regularly organise workshops and give lectures at academies, colleges and universities. Moreover, Fabrique is closely linked to the Technical University Delft (TU Delft).

Learning is no longer confined to the class rooms and lecture halls.

Students want and expect efficiency in their teachers and professors. They want to see that the organisation is ready to utilise digital technology. Logical, but educational innovation goes beyond the development of new products. It involves the practical application and context of use. Brand experience, cost and organisation also play important roles. Fabrique understands that, and we want to use our experience and expertise to help raise education to a higher level.

Fabrique founder Jeroen van Erp is a professor of Concept Design at TU Delft. Feeding years of practical experience to a new generation of designers.

Learning and discovering together with Schooltas.

Schooltas ('Schoolbag') takes existing teaching methods from different publishers and shows them on a tablet, laptop or PC, with additional extra features. Using the familiar books increases acceptance amongst teachers, whilst learning through new technology makes it easier and more fun for the students.

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Clear-cut communication.

We also see schools that are struggling with their brand. The many departments, faculties, institutes and autonomous projects make it difficult to get everyone on the same page. Because of this, most institutions have to work extra hard to communicate clearly and distinctively. Where do you start? And how do you get everyone on board?

From 800 sites to one.

Wageningen UR was already a strong brand. Except for its online presence. Partnerships amongst the nine research centres and 93 research groups were all tangled up in 800 different websites and subdomains. Fabrique brought alignment by focussing on the visitor, not solely on the organisation. The result: one unified, attractive website that reveals the breadth of Wageningen UR.

It all starts by answering the question ‘why do we exist?’ The essence of that answer is the core of your personality and identity. A sharp answer will reveal quickly and clearly what suits you, and what doesn’t. It also forms the foundation for support within the organisation and the compass for your communication.

Always new, always Erasmus.

How do you connect 22,000 students, seven faculties and two speciality institutions? For the Erasmus University Rotterdam we made the signature of Desiderius Erasmus our starting point. Zooming in on the signature creates a visual language that every faculty can use in its own way. Each faculty can use their own unique signature, but without sacrificing unity. By introducing guts and character to the photography and the tone of voice, we show that ambition and achievement at Erasmus University go hand in hand with a healthy dose of common sense.

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