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ArtEZ University of the Arts is a university of applied sciences which teaches disciplines of visual arts, design, architecture, music, dance and theater. ArtEZ is one of the largest and broadest art academies in the Netherlands. With the renewed website, we have made finding a degree program even easier.

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Connecting students to an artistic school with character

With the renewed website, we have made finding a degree course even easier. The website also contributes to a clearer profile of the organization and provides insight into the impact of young artists on our society. In addition, by integrating graduate student portfolios, the website showcases the variety and creativity of students, making their talent even more visible online.

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Find the degree program that’s right for you!

It goes without saying that finding the right degree program quickly and easily is one of the most important goals for the website’s users. We have chosen to support different search methods. Students can filter by interest, location or type. Of course, we also provide a search function for those students who are looking for a specific course or teacher.

90 sub-sites in one website

ArtEZ’s approximately 90 programs form the backbone of the website. Each degree program has its own look and feel, but is still a recognizable member of the ArtEZ family. Each program has a navigation menu and a landing page that can be configured according to need.

Stories to captivate, persuade and entice

New on the website are the stories. Under the heading “ArtEZ Stories”, students, teachers, alumni and collaborative partners talk about working in the creative sector. Personal stories that inspire and show the impact of art on individuals and on society. These stories add color to the website, which is fundamentally functional and service-oriented.

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Reinventing the visual identity

With a minimal visual identity, we still managed to take the online experience a big step further. On the website, we applied the university’s font as a graphic style element by making the typography very large and letting it overlap with the photography. We have also allowed the university’s own imagery to set the mood on every page.

Mobile first with focus on conversion

The website was developed from a 'mobile first' principle with a strong focus on conversion. For example, calls-to-action to sign up for a course, or to visit an open day, are always prominently displayed at the top of the screen.