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Find your day.

How to get more out of a visit to Tate? Over 200 exhibitions and activities in 4 locations ask for more than wayfinding. The smart dayfinding app is like a intuitive and friendly companion to Tate.

What do you feel like doing?

Our observations proved that people could navigate the buildings quite easily. So we proposed a 'dayfinding' app instead of a pure wayfinding solution. An app that asks you "What do you feel like doing?”

Art near you.

The app offers you the choice between art, activities and breaks. Like a companion, it tailors its information. The app uses beacons to pull up-to-date information on what’s around you from Tate’s website API.

Intuitive tips.

The app gives suggestions, in a gentle way, based on your location, of other things to see or to explore - stimulating visitors to discover other parts of the museum or spend some leisure time in a shop or café.

Encountering art.

You can use the app to find your favorite artists in the gallery. Once inside a room, exclusive audio from artists and curators, room descriptions and artwork details enrich your encounter with the art.

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First step.

Fabrique and partners Q42 and NorthernLight conceived the app with Tate’s digital team in 6 months. User feedback on the first public iOS version will be used for an improved second release.

The Tate App is part of Bloomberg Connects: interactive digital projects that use technology to revolutionize the visitor experience.


Portret van Nils Mengedoht



Art direction

Portret van Quérine van Casteren


van Casteren

Interaction design

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