How can we support patients with immune disorders online? Not only in the Netherlands but all over the world? This was Takeda's central question when they came to us. Together with Takeda and a team of people with immune disorders, we developed an online space that brings together all the necessary information for the target group.

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Living with an immune disorder

Takeda has focused on developing and supplying medicines for more than 240 years. Its goal is to cure patients and/or improve their quality of life.

If you have an immune disorder, your body's immune system doesn’t work properly. This is often due to a lack of antibodies in the blood. This means you are not well protected against pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. There are many different immune disorders, currently more than 350 are known. In all cases, your immune system doesn’t work as well as it should. Many immune disorders are present from birth, but they can also be caused by something external later in life.

More understanding through design research

To better understand life with an immune disorder, we started our project by interviewing several people living with such a disorder. In addition, we studied several customer journeys and interviewed stakeholders from the Netherlands and abroad.

Working with Fabrique and patient organizations has helped us to develop our approach. This approach fits well with the needs of people with immune disorders, and therefore has real added value for patients, and for Takeda.

Sarah de Jong Takeda

In search of the right concept

In a Design Sprint, we developed several draft concepts for our central question. The information from the interviews helped us make the right choices. We discovered that there is not much information about immune disorders in the Netherlands. That the information that does exist is scattered and difficult to access. When, after years, you are finally given your diagnosis, it has a great impact on your life and loved ones. We tried to incorporate the answers and patient experiences into our concept.

Four key themes

We tested our concept on people with immune disorders. The reactions were very positive. In consultation with the test panel, we then created the website content. We gave the website four core themes: work, school, family and travel.

The website levenmeteenafweerstoornis.nl answers questions such as: what is it like to live with an immune disorder? How do you deal with work, family and friends? What does it mean if you want to travel? Through stories about these subjects, we provide support and information in a positive way. Together with medical animation studio Behandeling Begrepen, we developed four animated clips explaining the conditions and various treatment options.

Positive response to website

Working with an international team of Fabrique, Takeda and Episerver staff, we have built an MVP (minimum viable product). We shared the result with our test panel, who gave us very positive feedback. A further rollout to other countries has been planned, starting with the Emirates. In addition, we are gathering insights into how the site is being used and where we can optimize.

I wish this website had been around when I first got my diagnosis, it would have helped me a lot.

Participant Patient panel participant