Out of my comfort zone

An interview with Sasja van Besouw, UX Designer at Fabrique Rotterdam

Sasja is a UX Designer at Fabrique in Rotterdam. We got to know Sasja as a freelancer and had been working together for quite some time when, in order to focus on development and expand her activities, Sasja made the switch to being an employee at Fabrique. An adventure that was way out of her comfort zone.

Iris Richardson

The need behind the request

My work is very varied. One moment I'm doing user research, the next I'm designing, or organizing a workshop to explore something in depth with one of our clients. What I really enjoy about my job is exploring organization goals and user goals and figuring out how to bring them together. My passion lies in improving products that people use every day. Whether it’s a site, app, web application, or a service design issue. Now that I work at Fabrique, I am even more involved in projects, from day 1. It is inspiring to really get stuck into a project together with people from other disciplines.

A fresh perspective

Because of my background as a freelancer and my degree in psychology, I bring different insights. As a freelancer I gained a lot of experience working directly with clients. This means I am familiar with the processes and preconditions that need to be considered. That's where my focus is. At the same time, I think it's great to see how we at Fabrique always push the boundaries of what is feasible. I learn a lot from that. It is precisely this tension between a pragmatic approach and the ambition to push boundaries that produces truly exceptional results.

Collective brain

As a freelancer, you're always being asked to come in and do something you're already good at. What I like so much about working at Fabrique is that I am challenged to do different things, new things, and continually being stimulated to learn more and improve my skills. Within projects but also in other situations. For example, this year I gave a Fabrique University talk. Something like that is outside of my comfort zone. Nerve-wracking, but fun!

I learn a lot through active collaboration with experts from various disciplines. Now that I work for Fabrique, I am part of the project team early on, not just for the execution. I am an important part of the decision process from the start. This gives me the opportunity to add my input on strategy and have a personal impact on the final product.

What I also like is the collective brain that develops when you are on location working with colleagues. Someone has read something, discovered a new program, or had a new insight. That brings energy and inspiration. As a freelancer, you only have yourself.

At Fabrique, we don't settle for good. There’s always better. Sometimes I have a design that's absolutely fine, and then there's always a colleague who sees how it can be improved after all. That’s how we achieve exceptional results.

What about the future?

I definitely want to be here for a long time. Making products that are used by many people daily gives me great satisfaction. Making products that matter, that make a difference in everyday life. I'm a product designer, after all.

We currently have a vacancy for a UX Designer in Amsterdam. Enthusiastic about Sasja's story and want to know more? You are always welcome to come and meet us.