Meshed and processed: June

Meshed and processed, meet our team in 3D! We're always pushing digital boundaries and trying out new technologies. It's part of our DNA. So when one of our designers Joey told us about his photogrammetry experiments, we immediately thought: why not digitize it all? Joey converted a tremendous amount of in house intrigue into 3D visualisation, and polished our colleagues with Photogrammetry. In the coming weeks, you'll get to know our very own dreamteam on this page. Keep an eye out for updates!

Jens van de Meulenhof

A walk in the park with June

Hi June, how’d you get to know Fabrique?

I’m originally from South Korea, but I moved to The Netherlands to do my masters at Design Academie Eindhoven. I have been finding the design scene in the Netherlands quite interesting. After graduation, I was looking for a job where I could also learn and grow. Fabrique turned out to be a great match. Now I’ve been working here for more than one a year already. The people are great, and the vibe is very inclusive. We went to Lowlands together last month. It really shows how Fabrique’s company culture is different from others.

What design projects do you really like?

One Fabrique project I always liked was Things That Talk. It's not only an intriguing but also a very meaningful project. I get to collaborate with many interesting people from different fields to create and develop this storytelling tool for students, researchers, and museums. I especially like it because it is not only about the shiny, cool visual design. I believe that design is a much stronger tool than that, and creating a design that makes sense is very important. A few non-Fabrique platforms I like because they push the boundaries of design are Forensic Architecture, Hackers & Designers, and ACED.

If you could be a piece of art, what would you be?

Francis Bacon’s Three Studies for a Crucifixion, 1962. I saw it when I was in Moscow. It’s grotesque and kind of gross, but also very strong and intense. I’m obsessed with it. It grabs your attention, and once you’ve seen it, you cannot unsee it.

If there were no boundaries, what would you design?

I’d want to design something really big and physical, like a building or a bridge. I actually got this idea after reading an article about a brand manager from South Korea. She started as a graphic designer, then became the leading art director for multiple K-pop groups. Recently she oversaw a new massive building project. And she owns her own K-pop music label. This inspired me to have a “why not?” mindset. So, why not a building? Design doesn’t have boundaries. That’s what I like about design.

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