Meshed and processed: Emmelien

Meshed and processed, meet our team in 3D! We're always pushing digital boundaries and trying out new technologies. It's part of our DNA. So when one of our designers Joey told us about his photogrammetry experiments, we immediately thought: why not digitize it all? Joey converted a tremendous amount of in house intrigue into 3D visualisation, and polished our colleagues with Photogrammetry. This way, you can meet our very own dreamteam. Today you will meet Emmelien!

Iris Richardson

Solving puzzles

Emmelien is the perfect example of a T-shaped person; specialised in development but very eager to build a diverse skillset. And above all, she’s just a great human being. Always energetic, full of creative ideas and not afraid to push her own boundaries.

How did you end up as a developer at Fabrique?

I studied econometrics at the University of Amsterdam. The combination of mathematics and economics was really nice. I've always liked math. During my bachelor I completed a minor in programming. Programming to me is like solving a lot of puzzles, and when it works it’s super satisfying! I can spend hours on my computer and not get bored. Doing that minor was the first time I was introduced to web development. I noticed how much I liked designing websites, creating cool components and seeing it all come together. So, applying for a job at a design agency just made sense. Fabrique was my first choice.

If you could be a piece of art, what would you be?

Vincent meets Rembrandt, the untold story. It’s a 360 experience in the Noorderkerk in Amsterdam. I went there last year with a friend, and it was just ’wow!’. I really liked all the vibrant colours. Imagine big colourful sunflowers all around you. It was a great experience, very immersive! But if I get to choose a second piece of art, it would be the one above my dining table. My mother-in-law made it, she’s a really great artist. It’s a big canvas with an abstract, energetic, female figure. My favourite piece of art. Ever.

What’s your dream project?

Right now it’s finishing my own website for my jewelry line. I use everything I learn at Fabrique to make it better. Not just the design but also the code, making sure to rewrite code to make it clear, compact and logical. My dream project at Fabrique would be to make a very artsy website with awesome animations. So maybe a little less functional but more like a piece of art. Oh and when I’m old(er), it would be my dream to have an atelier at home where I can paint, make pottery and do all sorts of creative things.

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