Dear Pieter, I hate Post-its

7.6 x 7.6 cm
Snippets of conversations, ideas, decontextualised thoughts
Worse: just a word
Trying to find its own meaning

Alexia Boiteau

Yellow, pink, green, blue
So vivid and so practical for sorting out
Whatever needs to be sorted out, the colour will do it
So functional
So bland

The too important role we give to Post-its
In the urge of labelling everything, give an order
Classify. One colour per action, per type of person or role, per whatever
Losing the freedom of the creative process
Busy with a systematic way to generate ideas

Hurry, don’t miss a thing
Write everything down
The worst as the best
Valued at the same level
And in the end, what will stick?

There are some Post-its I hate more than others

Scrum Post-its
Don’t move the Post-it now. No. NOT now.
This is not your post-it. You are green not yellow!
Chill-out. I am human

Workshop Post-its
Don’t forget to take the post-its for the workshop!
Huh… well, what about my brain?
Also colourful! Also able of great sorting.

Dear Post-its,
My imagination overflows your format.
So tiny, so square.

As a designer, I wish I…(sorry, I ran out of space)

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