Ask for the A-team rather than McGyver

Martijn van der Heijden

(agency scene #3)

Creating websites is a team sport. So let’s act like one.

  • pass around the ball to avoid getting stuck on your own,
  • change before you get predictable for the competition,
  • employ artists and labourers,
  • invite the club owner into the dressing room,
  • step in when somebody falls and help him get up,
  • use scrum — unless you’re running a relay race,
  • travel together on your way to the presentation,
  • point out mistakes of a team member in a positive manner,
  • rotate team members before they’re exhausted or uninspired,
  • remember it’s you playing the game, not the coach or trainer,
  • scout new talents early,
  • make it fun to watch for those paying the bill,
  • make it even more fun to stand in the field together,
  • celebrate any finish or success — if only by eating a banana together,
  • stage a farewell match when a team member moves on.

20 years ago a one man band could create a killer website, nowadays you need many specialists. But you need them to be one team to win.

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