Online discovery tour 'Frans Hals: Strokes of Genius'

A worthy successor to the popular online experience ‘Closer to Johannes Vermeer’ came online this month: an online discovery tour of the works of Dutch master painter Frans Hals. Once again, we zoom in on the life and work of a great artist, with riveting stories and ultra-high-resolution images.

Feb. 27, 2024
Rijksmuseum - Frans Hals online experience

After Rembrandt and Vermeer, and for the first time, the Rijksmuseum is dedicating a major exhibition to Frans Hals. Forty-eight paintings from top international collections showcase the Haarlem master at his best. Exceptionally innovative, cheerful, and daring, Frans Hals's loose and impressionistic style of painting made him one of the defining artists of the 17th century. Whether his subjects were stately regents, cheerful musicians, or laughing children, with his unparalleled talent he depicted them so vividly, you can almost see them breathe.

Rijksmuseum website Frans Hals

Zooming in on details and stories

Once again, we created an immersive online storytelling experience to accompany the museum exhibition. Other online experiences often focus on individual works, but in ‘Frans Hals: Strokes of Genius’ we take a broader view of the collection, comparing and contrasting the works. Through movement and specific cut-outs, the Frans Hals experience juxtaposes the paintings in different ways, allowing visitors to explore the themes and zoom in on details. The audio tour is narrated in Dutch by actress Eva Van Der Gucht, and in English by actress Joanna Lumley.

Rijksmuseum - Frans Hals online experience

The site was designed by Fabrique and built by digital product studio Q42. Both agencies have been working successfully with the Rijksmuseum for 20 years this year. The Frans Hals exhibition was organized with the National Gallery London and the Gemäldegalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, and with special cooperation from the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem.