Services and methods

Designers and engineers. Storytellers and strategists. Fabrique is a strategic digital agency. Together with our customers we create exceptional experiences, change and results.
Digital design and development
We design and build anything with pixels. Apps, websites, smartwatches. Always with the best user experience.

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Service design
Is your customer journey completely clear to you? Touchpoints, processes, and staff: we make sure they all work together perfectly.

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Digital transformation
How can your organisation keep up with the digital age? We can help. From a shared vision to reality.

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Software and tools
From easy-to-use planning tools to systems that regulate luggage at airports. We create tailor-made tools and software.

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E-commerce is a whole new ball game: result-oriented, analytical and creative. Together with our customers and development partners we significantly improve conversion rates.

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Branding and visual indentity
A brand is more than your logo. What is the essence of who you are? We’re convinced that a strong brand should be felt in everything you do and say.

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Our methods

We ask questions, we take nothing for granted. We push boundaries together. Whether we do that in a scrum, design sprint or with workshops. We do everything necessary to achieve the best results. In a way that suits you, us, and the job at hand.
Design Sprint
From concept to working demo in 5 days. It is amazing what a focused team can achieve under pressure in one week!

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Design research
We observe people using the product in a real-world context and map their customer journey.

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Fast, furious and effective. Scrum is the project approach in which everyone, the makers and the clients, get together to make wonderful things at a fast pace.

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Lean mean startup machine. A corporate startup or corporate venture is the best way to accelerate innovation within larger organizations.

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