Scrum checklist

Like to know whether scrum is right for you? Here’s a checklist!

  • My projects don’t always have clear requirements before we start;
  • Progressive insights often come when we’re busy with the project;
  • I know exactly what I want, but I don’t have time to make a detailed briefing;
  • Program requirement misunderstandings often pop up in my project area;
  • A lot of good ideas fall outside the agreed-upon tender;
  • Projects become more expensive because of unforeseen complexity;
  • The actual product is often less attractive than the proposed design;
  • Not many people have a complete overview of the total project;
  • I look for new ways to motivate my team;
  • I want to be part of the creative process.

Are most of the above points true in your project experience? Then scrum is something for you!