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Each year, Artis gives visitors a new reason to visit the zoo. During the 2012 summer campaign, Artis took ten forgotten animals out of the - formidable - shade of the elephant and giraffe and gave them a day in the sun.


Take care of all online communication relating to the Forgotten Animals campaign of the Dawn Advertising Agency.



The name says it all: the strategy was to make the animals - who are normally not the reason to visit the zoo - the stars of the zoo. Making visible the giant prickly stick insect, the pygmy marmoset and the Java mouse-deer. Not just online, but also inside Artis itself.

We paid extra attention to the integration of online and offline; the posters get people curious, but online we have added the extra dimension by explaining what makes these ten Forgotten Animals so special. After this, we invite visitors to share on social media how special the cracker butterfly is.

In order to enrich the actual visit to the zoo, we developed the Artis app. The app uses GPS to lead you around the quiet corners of Artis, where - together with the forgotten animals - you can enjoy stories and videos by Aart Staartjes.



The axolotl, the common basilisk and other forgotten animals again enjoy a well-earned day in the sun. All channels have been used to promote these Forgotten Animals: campaign, website, social media and a special route in the Artis app. Dawn and Fabrique were awarded a SAN Accent in the Leisure category for the campaign.


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