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Artis is more than just zoological gardens. For 175 years, Artis has been a human garden, full of personal events and memories. In its anniversary year 2013, Artis collected together memories of everyone who has ever visited Artis.


On the basis of the concept by Dawn advertising agency, design a campaign site for the 175 year anniversary celebrations of Artis.



Bring history to life with real stories. We are calling on visitors to share their personal photos, films and stories, while Artis itself has gathered together stories from the early years.

You can filter on the basis of a specific period, from 1838 until now, or search on the basis of theme. We make all the memories sharable through social media. At the same time, we enriched the Artis app with an anniversary route and unique images from the Artis archive.



Hundreds of surprising memories; from the correspondence with Darwin in 1868 to Nicolette van Dam in 2012 in the Flamingo Greenhouse.


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