Our services Visual identity

Our services Visual identity

Visual identity encompasses much more than a logo. A brand is a mentality; telling the world not only who you are, but what you really stand for. We help brands to discover that. By designing all observable manifestations of a brand with care.

Brands are dynamic by nature

A healthy brand stands by its values, but still moves with its market. This places new demands on products, services and the brand’s look and feel. We enjoy helping brands to (re)define their visual identity. We always start off by looking at the brand as a whole. For example, by organising workshops where we sit down together with you and your team, for a basic Q&A session. What is the essence of the brand? What are the brand’s values ​​and goals? What distinguishes the brand from its competitors? Which characteristics fit the brand’s personality?

By answering these questions, we get a good mental picture about the company and the products or services it offers. To capture these images we often write a short brand story, in which the brand’s identity becomes tangible. Read more on our page about brand development

Revolution of evolution?

In collaboration with you and your team, we create a distinctive and recognisable visual identity. If you already have a corporate identity, we take those existing elements into consideration when developing a new visual identity. Sometimes it’s better to build on what already exists instead of starting all over from scratch; an evolution rather than a revolution. For example, when we developed a new visual identity for Codarts University, we kept the logo and corporate colours. For that project, we initiated a more rhythmic language, new font, photography guidelines and copy concept.

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Visual style generates structure

The new visual style can be tested on the basis of various sample means. For example, a brochure, poster, homepage, letterhead or campaign. It’s not only beauty or communication that attracts the eye. A major factor to consider is to what degree your organisation can create and maintain these means.

A style guide is useful here. After the design process, guidelines for the logo, colours, typography, photography and design language are defined in a corporate housestyle document. But we typically don’t stop there. The style guide often marks the beginning of our long relationship with you, as our client, and your brand. A brand for which we can develop various tools and take on art direction for means that are created by third parties.

Digital Central?

More and more, digital innovation is the reason that visual identity is held up to the light. The web is often the most visible manifestation of a visual identity. The first place to look when renewal is in the air. A website redesign impacts the entire visual identity. That's why we start digital design with an exploration of the brand. A good example is 9292. What started with the request for a user-friendly website, resulted not only in a new website (9292.nl), but also in the further development of the identity, a new pay-off (in Dutch, ‘9292 reist met je mee’) and a cross-media campaign.

A special point of view

With nearly twenty-five years of experience with brands, print work and digital resources combined with the breadth of all our other work – it’s natural that we now look a step ahead of strategy and corporate identity. What is a visual identity worth, if it’s not connected to the most important means of the brand? Fabrique designers are multidisciplinary: aesthetics, user experience and feasibility go hand in hand. For effective implementation we develop not only a new visual identity, but bring that identity to life through a corresponding website, application or campaign.

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