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How do you bring a brand to life?

Always distinctive and recognisable.

Just having a brand is not enough to give you a recognisable and distinctive position in the outside world. It’s the visual identity that brings the brand to life. Only with a strong visual identity will users, customers and business partners see what it is that you stand for. It’s the combination of colour, typography, logo, style and photography. Together they give the brand emotion and expression.


One framework for all messages and channels.

A successful identity is inseparable from the brand. For that reason it is important to set this identity down in a dynamic style guide, which takes all kinds of channels into account, from website to social media and from point of sale to film. By revisiting the style guide regularly, the identity stays up to date.

Not the show, but the event.

The Edinburgh International Festival

With all those separate shows, how do we make the event visible? We started with a recognisable style and a robust logo. In the logo animation short we introduced a nickname: The International.

A robust brand with a fickle hand

In order to reflect the spontaneity of the festival, we combined the robust logo and the bright colour with a handwritten font that we created ourselves which had 20 alternatives per letter.

Always the same

People working for the festival may see its visual identity all the time, but the receivers, guests or business partners, only see the festival once a year. That’s why it is important to be consistent, and to implement the style everywhere, online and offline. And to keep it up a few years. That’s the key to being recognisable.

Daring to be visible

There are tons of festivals in Edinburgh in August. In order to be visible, we chose strong contrast and a bright yellow colour that stands out in the street. That’s a daring look, which is why we introduced the new style to the complete staff before sharing it with the world. That’s something that works.

Visual identity and graphic design: the low-down.

There are three steps in creating a new identity:

  • Take a good look at your brand and adjust it if necessary. A complete brand with an established personality is a prerequisite for an identity that fits and is effective.
  • Get staff involved in introducing the style. They are the brand and they are the ones that have to sell it.
  • Use the identity consistently and preferably for a long time. Realise that people outside the company or organisation will not be bored with it as quickly as the people who see it every day.

Fabrique for an award-winning and effective design.

At Fabrique we see communication, interaction and transaction as one whole. We have been building and designing websites, apps, corporate identities, and more for years, and we combine these into clever journeys.

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