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Clever design for effective and enjoyable work.

A need for clever tools with a great UX.

Highly trained staff in non-standard business situations need clever tools. Software that has been designed specially for their daily tasks. Fabrique stretches the boundaries of what is possible and designs innovative software with a fantastic UX.


Lengthy learning curves are no longer the standard.

Professional tools are catching up. Often the current software does a reasonable job supporting work processes but tends to be cumbersome, inflexible and not able to deal with innovation. This means many companies need new software, and the bar is set pretty high. Especially for digital natives.

The generation that grew up in a completely digital world does not accept software that takes weeks to master. For them, the benchmark for user friendliness is iOS, not Windows XP. Digital natives are users, buyers and managers, and they have different expectations about software. And of course, professional software also has to be able to pass the UX test!

Airport baggage control room software.


Vanderlande, a multinational material handling company, asked Fabrique to help them redesign the specialist software that they use in big and small airports. Together with a Vanderlande team we carried out user tests and designed several multi-screen applications.

Data visualisation for research results.


For Braingineers we developed an interface that not only fits their brand, but which above all improves the tool’s user experience. The visual hierarchy and each element’s optimal graphical display ensure that the Braingineers can convert information into appropriate action easily.

Advice based on statistics.


SmartOcto, a startup for editors and content marketers, asked us to make a tool that lets numerical data speak plainly. We think content strategy with big data can be much more fun and much more effective than i currently often the case.

Better service through better scheduling.


Swapfiets, a subscription service for bicycles, is thriving. Their promise: clients will always have a bicycle that works, for a low monthly fee. Fabrique helped Swapfiets to optimise the process of scheduling and repairs, by redesigning the back office system for planners, swappers, and bike mechanics.

How do we develop tools and interfaces for the future?

Our approach is always catered to the situation.

  • Is there a complex environment in which different specialists work together? Then it is important to analyse the current situation using design research. For example with observations and interviews. We did this at Vanderlande, for their Baggage Control Room software.
  • Is the software part of a larger whole and is the current division of labour in need of improvement? Then we will reorganise duties together and make sure the software design is tailored to the new situation. In order to analyse the current division of labour we will use a tool such as a service blueprint, which is what we did when we designed a scheduling tool for Swapfiets.
  • If the challenge is to create (better) data visualisation for better decision support, then we will work together with your experts and cocreate new ways of looking at things and new ways of doing things. Like we did for Braingineers and SmartOcto.
  • Is the software dependent on legacy systems, do we need to create clever connections? Then we will talk extensively with your technical experts to get a clear idea of the possibilities and the impossibilities. We did this for Huuskes, a food wholesaler in the healthcare sector, when we designed their ordering app, for example.

Subject matter experts.

We don’t design professional tools and interfaces from our own desks. We design them together with subject matter experts who work for you or for your business partners. Together with the users. Together with your clients. And in close consultation with your organisation’s stakeholders. We do this partly at your office, partly in our own studio.

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