Our services PressureCooker method

Our services PressureCooker method

Pressure Cooker is a format that we offer to anyone who needs to get the job done fast, who wants to test with users and get it all down on paper. In a nutshell, we help you to make massive headway with your concept or idea in a short amount of time and under a healthy amount of pressure. Hence the name PressureCooker.

At Fabrique we tackle a lot of projects in a scrum. Because working with Agile lends a certain amount of acceleration, flexibility and knowledge. You can see PressureCooker as a condensed version of that process. And, by the way, Google Ventures has a similar process and calls it the DesignSprint.

We put together a team of experts, from Fabriquers as well as from the client side. And anyone else who would be needed; it all depends on the challenge. Fabrique teams consist of people who have proven to work well together, who can think quickly and design effectively. People who put their money where their mouth is. Start small, think big, act fast.

For start-ups

We support start-ups in various stages of their business. Sometimes we can work out the first clear product vision in a PressureCooker. Sometimes it’s best to take on the prototype design and development first. And sometimes it’s a matter of bringing the existing product to the next level. In the PressureCooker, many start-ups benefit from our understanding of brand-driven design and concepting.

For corporates

As a manager in a large corporate organisation, sometimes it’s difficult to get started or keep your project on track. Sometimes you get stuck with your buy in, and think: if I could just show the stakeholders now and explain... But typically that project plan just lies there, in desperate need of a practical first step. We put these project plans in the PressureCooker. The result is a convincing demonstration. Within two weeks.

One click-flow is worth a thousand words!

Tailor made

We tailor the PressureCooker to your needs, because each client demand is different. In a PressureCooker we might, for example:

  • turn your pitch of 120 slides and overflowing information into a clear and powerful story;
  • sharpen your brand, positioning and proposition into a solid and distinctive concept; or
  • (re)design your product or service into clear screens, visuals or prototypes that persuade your audience, make it clear that you know what you’re talking about.

From request to results in 5 steps

We came up with a format that has proven itself to be useful. A PressureCooker has a lead time of two weeks. In that period, we undergo five key steps:

  1. A four-hour workshop. Where you take us into your world and make your request clear to us. From there we determine the scope of the PressureCooker. What needs to be included in the answer to that request? What will give the most “bang for the buck”? We do this workshop with the whole team.

  2. A one week “incubation period”. This helps the information sink in, allows us to search for any missing information and gives us time to arrange any other details. This period also gives you time to invite people to the presentation.

  3. The four-day “designathon”. We work with a team of two or three designers / developers / strategists to come up with an end design.

  4. Closing the week. The presentation is shown to the stakeholders, investors and entire team. Most clients have been so involved with the outcome that they choose to present the results themselves.

  5. Time to celebrate! We evaluate the past week and celebrate our success together. Because, up to now, everyone has been enthusiastic about the quantity and quality of work that has been completed in the PressureCooker.

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