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We’ve become used to having all information available all the time. Products, prices, tips and backgrounds, right in the palm of your hand. Literally. However, the smartphone is not always the ideal device. In the hectic context of a shop, a museum or on the street, there is not always time to search online for something. In cases like these a touch screen in a shop, museum or on the sidewalk can deliver f

Retail and point of sale (POS)

Clarity in a second. That was our task when designing the new checkout screens for Albert Heijn. We joined different functions: receipt, scales, whether or not a bonus card needed to be scanned. With its sophisticated yet subtle design, this screen has fit perfectly in the shopping experience for years.

For the ANWB pilot stores we designed touch screens for customers, so that they can do a vacation check. For example, customers can check their travel insurance, or swipe through the services.

Touchscreens, or a kiosk, can be very effective in a POS environment. But the future probably lies in the combination of fixed and mobile technology. We’re carrying out tests with in-store beacons for two major Dutch retailers. The first steps towards a future with seamless interaction: from the first at-home exploration, via decision-making in the shop to service from the couch.

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Museums are ideal for in-depth information and interaction. Visitors are curious and can take their time to learn something new, or even to play. For example, we developed almost 30 interactive installations for the National Military Museum. These installations enrich the museum visit and reflect the different museum audiences. We developed these interactives at different levels; from substantial, educational exhibits to serious gaming.

There are some screens that you can take with you. For the Van Gogh museum, we developed a versatile multimedia tour that you as a visitor can adjust to your wishes. Will it be a short visit? Or do you want to know everything? Are you English, Chinese or Italian? We developed one device for all audiences. A full service design ensures that your tour will be a great experience, from A to Z.

Public transport

For 9292 we brought public transport information to your smartphone. Thanks to our projects for Schiphol, interactivity is brought to the departure hall. Through surprisingly simple means we created the self-service border control and the self-service baggage check-in, bringing clarity to the mountain of procedures and information. Because we integrate all the services in the spatial design, we can provide a complete user experience. And with greetings from family and friends in mind, we created an online waving platform.

Putting the ‘active’ in interactives

Customer or visitor behaviour is often hot and cold, and actual information needs can be more varied than you think. If you make your interactions too complex, the investment to use them will be too big. Make them too easy, they will become meaningless. Design Research can provide an answer and open the door to proven solutions, or even show some daring experiments. It all starts with observation, and leads to several prototypes before a thorough test of the finished product can be realised.

New techniques often make it more difficult to find your way. What you want is a team, one that doesn’t just settle for what someone else thinks is possible. You want a team that asks questions and comes up with fresh ideas. A team that embraces technology but always puts the interests of users first. You need the Fabrique team.

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