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There are enough ideas in the world. But how do you ensure that yours becomes a reality? Let alone successful? The world is becoming more complex. Business models are more versatile. Customers are more demanding, and hi-tech is all over the place. This increases the challenge to design clear, seamless user experiences.

The way we see it, there are five important principles to achieve successful product innovations.

  1. Goals vs means
    It’s wise to have the goal in sight continuously during the innovation processes. Give a team of experienced design thinkers a description of the purpose, then a briefing in which the means are already established. A clear goal creates new products with a central character, a better customer experience and the desired impact.
  2. Why, how, what
    Innovation without a pre-determined point on the horizon is doomed to fail. Make sure that a strong vision supports the innovation project. This vision we like to develop with our clients.
  3. Brand driven
    To compete, user experiences must be distinctive. ‘Just another innovation’ does not secure instant success. We believe in brand-driven product innovation, allowing the meaning (the brand) and the product itself to resonate with each other. This gives the user a powerful and distinctive user experience.
  4. Future
    You don’t innovate for today, but for tomorrow. Ensure that you have a solid picture of the future context, so that your innovations don’t lose their relevance the very moment they’re introduced.
  5. Together
    'Together' has always been one of our core values. And innovation is something we always do together. We believe in agile processes that involve all stakeholders and disciplines. This not only creates a bigger buy-in but also speeds up the process.

If you manage to hold these five factors in balance, the chances are much greater that your innovation will succeed. That the added value you provide will be unique and tangible for your customers. Strong brands distinguish themselves by investing continuously in the development of other, unique products and services. And we’re happy to help with that.

E-gates at Schiphol Airport

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Schiphol: innovation in their DNA

Compared to many competitors, Schiphol is at a disadvantage. An airport with very little space to expand, Schiphol is the hub to a relatively small airline carrier (KLM). Furthermore, Amsterdam is not a metropolis like London or Paris. However, Schiphol has distinguished itself for decades through innovation. A point which is strengthened by the travellers; Schiphol is a very popular transfer airport. The Schiphol e-gates we devised and developed are a good example of product innovation that is aligned with the brand.

Wolfgang: listen with your eyes

New products often have a more radical character than product improvements. We developed the Wolfgang app together with Johan Idema. During a concert the app reveals background information. Within the world of classical music Wolfgang can provide a behavioural and attitude change. At any rate, the current introduction of the smartphone in the concert hall is something that is causing quite a lot of debate.

SmartOcto: advising statistics

SmartOcto is a unique online service for editors and content marketers. Based on an intelligent algorithm, SmartOcto translates big data into specific advice for posting articles. A virtual colleague that keeps web editors in the know about the potential impact of outgoing stories, and supports them with useful tips.

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