Our services Hard & software combinations

Our services Hardware & software combinations

Clear, easy and fast.

Combining the latest techniques for users.

A device or service must be practical, fast, and of course it should function properly. How can you achieve this? Combine the latest techniques. More and more products are combinations of hardware and software. Products such as cameras, intercoms, ticketing machines, smart meters, and car dashboards.


Integrated approach to the problem.

The direct combination of hardware and software opens up great possibilities. It is even more important, though, that you put user experience first. If you don’t do this, you will quickly step into the trap of letting the technical demands lead you. And in general, that won’t lead to the most intuitive solution. By focusing on the user experience you will automatically reach an integrated approach to the problem.

Buy your ticket more easily with GVB.

GVB ticketing machines

Fabrique was asked to design a new ticketing machine. The goal: shorter queues. When we observed and analysed the old machines we could tell that the technical aspects had been leading. The instructions weren’t user friendly and the hardware wasn’t positioned logically.

Focus on the travellers.

GVB ticketing machines

Fabrique used traveller needs as the starting point. We spent a lot of time creating a logical combination of technical design and user interface. In other words, the physical elements and the touch screen. Animations on the screen flowed to LEDs that lit up on the hardware part of the machine creating clear, smooth instructions. The result: 95% of travellers immediately finds the right ticket.

Design research is essential.

You can only focus on the user experience if you conduct careful research into the users and the context in which the product or service is used. Typically, our UX designers are trained in industrial design. They are used to doing explorative and validating research. Because of this they aren’t just quick at gathering knowledge to use as input for the design, but they will also allow the design to continue to develop iteratively. If you would like to know more about this way of working, take a look at our article about Design Research.

Multidisciplinary team has seamless user experience as a goal.

Designing and developing this type of product requires a multidisciplinary team. At Fabrique we work together with many different experts in order to achieve one seamless user experience. Depending on what is needed we will bring UX designers, visual designers, sound designers, industrial designers, developers, brand strategists, copywriters, and technical product designers together. The team also has experts from the side of the client who contribute specific knowledge. For a successful project we need to know all about the context, the kind of product, or the maintenance needed, and so forth. For our hard- & software combinations we like to work with our colleagues from Fabrique Public Design.

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