Our services Get Agile - Scrum for UX, Design & Development

Our services Get Agile - Scrum for UX, Design & Development

Scrum is a very physical method. You cannot miss it if people are scrumming somewhere: there will be post-its and flip-over sheets all over the place. Therefore, we found it very appropriate to bundle all of our knowledge and experience in an old-fashioned book: Get Agile! Take this handbook with you wherever you Scrum, you'll need it!

Get Agile is aimed at everyone who works on interactive products in a design and development environment. It contains all of the basic information required for getting started with Scrum, but also offers a number of in-depth chapters looking at topics which even the most experienced Scrummers have trouble with on a daily basis.
In the book we go through all of the phases of setting up and executing a Scrum project step by step, and look at the various roles and disciplines hereby required. If you are experienced, you will find the advanced tips and tricks useful. If you are just considering Scrum, this book will most certainly get you enthusiastic!

In this book the main steps and issues of Scrum are discussed, and team members tell us about their experience:

  1. What, Why, When - This chapter discusses the history and philosophy of Scrum, the reasons for applying it, but also possible reasons why not to use Scrum.

  2. How to set up a project - If you've decided to scrum, you will want to know what the team has to look like, how much time it costs, what the structure of Scrum projects is and what the requirements are in terms of organization and facilities.

  3. Sprint 0 - This first special stage provides base and defines direction. How do you get to grips with the assignment? How do you get the right ambition in the team? The team will start ideation, do basic design and set up technical architecture. It will divide the project into manageable chunks.

  4. Go sprint! - This is the real deal. Kick-offs, progress monitoring, evaluations and more. This chapter focuses on the daily practice of the Scrum.

  5. Sprinting Secrets - Now that the basics of Scrum are covered, we can elaborate on some of our real secrets: how can you simultaneously design and develop? How do you maintain or enhance your creativity? How do you deal with difficult product owners?

  6. Meet the Team - Eight team members from different disciplines (director, interaction designer, visual designer, developer, scrum master, project manager, client) each answer important questions about their role, how Scrum has helped them, about the dangers, etc.

  7. Troubleshooting - Like in any good handbook there is a problem solving section. The most common problems are briefly described and we offer possible solutions.

  8. Glossary - Yes, scrum uses a lot of slang terms. Here are the most important ones.

Get it!

Get Agile! is available now at BIS Publishers. Or just order it now at your favorite online bookstore: Amazon or Bol.

About the authors

Pieter Jongerius (author and editor-in-chief) is a partner at the Dutch design agency Fabrique. Pieter has been a pioneer of using Scrum in design and development projects. He was involved in the Scrum projects for clients in retail and fashion amongst others and has written a number of leading articles about Scrum.

Anna Offermans, Anton Vanhoucke, Patrick Sanwikarja and Jeroen van Geel (co-authors), are all senior Scrum Masters and have a professional background as interaction designer or director. They have had many years of Scrum experience doing projects for a wide range of industries such as financial, retail, education and transport.

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