Our services Fashion

Our services Fashion

Fashion is all about the branding. More so than in any other industry. Fashion brands are successful when they can be set apart. Through their collection, with quirky photography and distinctive shops, both physical and online. Branding allows for discerning creation.

Fotografiestijl Ginger Collections

In recent years, Fabrique has worked with over 20 fashion brands, especially in the area of e-commerce. E-commerce success doesn’t just happen overnight, even if you have a strong brand and an awesome collection. Success is also determined by the strict laws of conversion and the associated conventions.
This is why successful online fashion stores are starting to look more and more alike. Of course, proven interface patterns are also important. It's just a shame they often lead to unsurprising user experiences. At Fabrique we take both branding and business goals seriously.

Brand development

Branding entails more than just advertising. A brand is reflected in everything you say and do. We help fashion brands to rediscover themselves, refresh their outlook, through targeted workshops. Preferably without long, strategic PowerPoint presentations; we prefer a pragmatic approach. For example, check out our work for the Dutch shoe brand Fred de la Bretonière, the Belgian fashion brand Ginger or the French 3Suisses. Or read more about brand development.

Design for inspiration

Inspiration is what drives fashion. By looking at the core message and listening to the stories, we can create an inspiring environment that contributes to your business objectives. From there we look at the structure of the collection, brand image, campaign photography and audiovisual media.

As an example, take a look at our work for Viktor&Rolf, Expresso or Rev'it. Both websites bring together inspiration and product information.

Viktor&Rolf website 2016

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Increasing conversion in fashion

Online sales form the basis of most fashion websites and apps. From our extensive experience with more than 20 fashion brands, audience research and user statistics, we can give advice and create designs that are tailored to your brand’s collection and e-commerce platform.
We have experience in designing and optimising web shops that are based on platforms such as Magento, Hybris, Intershop, Oracle Endeca and ATG. For example, review our work for Omoda. Through the joint efforts of our teams, implementation partners and our customers, we can often help our clients reach a conversion increase of 25% to 50%. Like to know more? Read our page on design for e-commerce.

Design consultancy and more

Do you have an in-house design team that you’d like us to join forces with? Or are you just looking for creative inspiration or an in-depth expert review? No problem, come on and challenge us. No two clients are the same. Just like you.

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