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Digital design for innovative services.

Anything with pixels.

We design just about anything that has a digital interface. Apps, websites, smartwatches. When content, interaction, technology and design come together and create the best user experience. Because only as long as the user keeps clicking and swiping will a service be a success. From e-commerce to financial technology, from cultural heritage to entertainment.


Eyes on the prize.

At Fabrique, we have our eyes on the prize when we design: we want to bring about real change, behavioural change, new brand awareness, and our client’s bottom line. A website that communicates clearly, a web store that creates conversion, an app that is used daily, an inspiring VR experience. For that reason, our designers always work with a strategic framework. HEMA's omnichannel strategy, for example, or the Van Gogh Museum’s service design.

From comparing contracts to signing one.


As an independant price comparison website Independer makes it easy for almost 1 million people in the Netherlands to choose an insurance. By making strong choices, we've created a clear and easy comparison website for health insurances. The customer always has the most important information on hand, also on mobile.

Tinder for homeswapping.


Like dating, but not quite. That's HuisjeHuisje. Together with IT company CoolProfs, 26 Dutch housing associations, and WoningNet which manages a central website for those associations, Fabrique developed an intuitive app which allowes people to swap their homes.

Simply. 20% more conversion.


HEMA is for everyone. It's fun and easy-to-use products shine with brilliant simplicity, except for online. And that's exactly where HEMA has set it's sights. By cleaning out the clutter, we made hema.nl simply HEMA again.

Service design on tour.

Van Gogh Museum

In November 2014, the Van Gogh Museum presented a new layout for the permanent collection. The new approach makes the development of Van Gogh as an artist the central focus. At the same time as the new interior, the Museum introduced the new multimedia tour. After the website this multimedia tour is the second project of Fabrique for the Van Gogh Museum.

Digital branding and visual identity.

We don’t only design how a website or app works, we also determine the online brand personality. Animations, interaction, tone of voice; all these things leave an impression. Sometimes we will apply an existing corporate identity, sometimes we will develop a new one. Digital first, of course. Brands are our starting point and we always take the branding strategy seriously.

Digital design is a team sport.

We work in small teams with people from various disciplines. We also collaborate intensively with our clients, we call this our “open kitchen”. This direct contact allows us to make great things together. Each person using his or her own knowledge and expertise. Front end developers, for example, don’t only bring our designs to life in the (desktop or mobile) browser with each pixel perfectly in place, they also use prototyping to help the design process along.

Well begun is half done.

A successful collaboration starts with the right approach. Together we will take a good look at what your particular steps to a first release need to be. Will we be applying Lean methodology? Is Scrum a good delivery method? We are frontrunners when it comes to Agile methods and have been Scrumming since 2009. These kinds of intensive projects are increasingly a part of a digital transformation programme, and they will help your organisation to be ready for the digital age, too.

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