Our services Corporate Ventures

Our services Corporate Ventures

A Corporate Start-Up or Corporate Venture is the way to speed up innovation within larger organisations. You designate a separate team, preferably in a skunklab away from the ‘mothership’, and couple them to an assignment with a stash of start-up cash. But how do you implement Agile, build an organisation, sponsor your UX in your product development and ensure a Lean approach and Validated Learning? All at once? We have the answers.

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Simply Agile

Agile working and scrum can give your project a giant push forward. Here it’s important to be smart when contracting your suppliers if you’re not securing any deliverables. In addition, you’ll want to be clear about your promises to the stakeholders at headquarters. Agile working together with different parties can present countless pitfalls, and we’ll help you to steer clear of these. The same goes for offshoring development. We’re experienced in assembling and guiding the Agile process in all its layers, and can help you to get the most out of it. Just as we did for a big bank and a large logistics player.

Lean Start-Up, the backbone of your value proposition

As a continuous validation of Corporate Venture innovation, we use the Lean Start-Up principles. Validated learning based on hypotheses and experiments forms the central pivot. You keep track of your product development through the continuous evaluation of the value proposition to the target group. We have developed a smart framework to carry out innovation accounting (capturing everything you learn on the way) and to make this a leading process. Panels, interviews, social media probing, customer travel research: it's all in our toolbox.

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Brand and name development

Innovation often begins with it a new value proposition, which often requires a new brand and a new name. We have years of experience in creating brands, names and visual identities that are distinctive and original. We can address this process in parallel and integrate it with your product development.

Together we can make a quick start

We work with incorporated teams made up of strategists, visual designers, UX designers, front-end developers and back-enders used to working with other Agile product development teams. These give your innovation a flying leap, especially if we start the project together in a PressureCooker.

Parallel: organisation development

You call on a Corporate Venture to help you develop a product. Often because of that, not enough attention is paid to the actual organisation that will run the product and their required competencies. We can help by building the team , for example with UX, marketing and design functions. We can use our teams in the beginning to kickstart and create a plan simultaneously to show you how you can continue on your own.

In short

A Corporate Venture is not a business, design or development project. Rather, it requires an integrated approach. We would like to be your partner, to build a great future together. Get in touch with us to discuss your Corporate Venture in more detail!


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