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Form and function. Design and content. One cannot exist without the other. That’s why communication and storytelling have our full attention. When the content is good, the design is even better. And the other way around.

Communication: matching brands to users

Communication is an element found in all our work. What are the brand’s key messages and how do we get the proposition into the limelight? The essence of our approach is that we focus on the needs of the user or customer, and that we create a compelling story across touch points. We want to tell something. We want to persuade or inform. Whether we are talking about e-commerce, product design or graphic design.
Messages should meet both the needs of the reader/viewer and fit in with the brand. A good example of this is the campaign for Dutch Design Week 2015.

Storytelling: a story within a story

Sure, storytelling is a buzzword and often used as a synonym for content. But storytelling is not a classification, it’s a way of bringing information across. A way most of us understand and use naturally, but one we often forget when it’s time to relate what a business or service stands for, what it wants to achieve and what it means for customers or users.

  1. Each story has a beginning and an end, and development in between.
  2. The protagonist has a purpose, encounters difficulties and impossibilities, but figures out how to overcome those successfully as a result.
  3. The emotions of the protagonist take us along for the ride, and ensure recognition and identification.

A good example of this is the Van Gogh Museum website. It’s not the collection that acts as the starting point, but Vincent van Gogh as a person. His emotions and desires always kick off the story, which takes us through his life and his development as an artist. The collection isn’t the objective, it’s all about the illustration of Van Gogh’s struggles and his emotional life.

Storytelling isn’t the only way to get information across. But if you’re wondering why certain company (images) stories just don’t seem to grab you, the answer is usually: there’s no story in it.

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