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Brand thinking and strategy

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Fabrique is a design agency. We are designers. We invent, design and create a wide range of products. Our hearts beat quicker for good work. We understand creativity and effectiveness like no other. But to succeed, a design requires clear direction. We enjoy delivering these kinds of designs, and that’s why we can call ourselves a strategic design agency.

Market survey and research

Each solid strategy is based on market insights. These insights can be highly detailed, partly based on quantitative data or even based on a strong intuition. The starting point for each project. Together with you we take a good look at whether we have enough understanding of the end user. If not, then we can help, especially when it comes to qualitative research.
We believe in human-centred design, and that’s what draws us into the world of the end user; whether it’s a consumer or someone working within an organisation. We design, for example, by utilising depth/focus group interviews, observations or context mapping. The insights we gather are valuable for developing a strong strategy, and, of course, a well-built design process.

Read on to discover the different types of strategies we develop for and with our customers.

1. Market strategy and positioning

Brands are the starting point for everything we do here at Fabrique. We’re convinced that a strong brand needs to be felt in everything you deliver, do and say. But how do you develop a strong brand? Its personality? And how do you ensure that your brand is an inspiration for everyone who works with it?

Building a brand, how do you do that?
The challenges that surround brand management are multifaceted. Sometimes we’re asked to build a new brand from scratch. A business idea exists, but who do we want to be? Sometimes diving into the deep end can help us tune up an existing brand. For example, internationalisation or making a move towards e-commerce. The share price of a company can also have an effect on the brand strategy or brand development, a far-reaching influence within the company.
With a sophisticated palette of workshops and means for brand strategy, we help our customers to better convey and understand their brand. Which one will it be? That depends on your request.

2. Product strategy

Successful innovations are brand driven, or else they drive the brand. Whether you've just begun a start-up company or you’re a product manager with an established brand, Fabrique helps in developing or defining products and services. Using our experience, we can often quickly assess whether a concept will really come alive in the minds of your customers.

For example: for a startup we organised a jumpstart of four intensive days. During these four days we worked hard to translate the existing data and slides into a crystal-clear business pitch, which won over the investors totally. As another example, we helped ING by putting together a powerful concept strategy to refresh their online services, and worked with them to develop a kind of Lego-box of functionalities, which they have implemented and now use within their own UX teams.

3. Touchpoint strategy

We’re not an (online) marketing agency. At Fabrique we're storytellers. And the best stories revolve around resources. Are you looking to bring your corporate story into the limelight? Or do you have a new story that everyone should know all about? This includes strategy; what do we do with social media? What do we put in the email? In marketing language: we go for the seamless customer journey.
For online business, e-commerce, the same challenge applies. We live in an era where OmniChannel is self evident. New, but also when it comes to a network of physical stores – partly down to our developed concepts having more than just a responsive website, such as fashion brand Ginger.

4. Content strategy

Consumers are becoming more impatient. If you don’t have a relevant message for them, then there are ten others who do have one. Consumers are also increasingly critical: rhetoric and marketing tricks of old no longer work. So how do you really involve your customers? With relevant, distinctive messages and content.
In a content strategy we determine the core message based on the brand values, your promise to the world. Together, we ensure that this promise is relevant to your customers. Sometimes defining the core message is enough for a customer to start generating content. Could also be that the problem lies not in finding the core, but in providing solid proof that you can live up to that promise. What kind of content do you need? The above all illustrate customer journey stories. What kind of content do you want to offer and on which means?

At Fabrique we decide together where we start and how far we’ll go. From the core message to editorial formats, from campaigns to the communication calendar, from webshop to OmniChannel, interactive videos to short copy. Content is the raison d'etre of your website, app, brochure, etc.

Brains for rent

Strategy can be an elusive thing. Above you see the four types of strategy that we use most often. But the thing we still find most enjoyable? The indefinable question. The complex question begging for a seemingly simple solution. A solution that doesn’t come immediately to light.
Whether it’s about business development, a bold experience, a sublime brand expression or perhaps something in your own organisation, a smart strategy could lead you to success. Have you finally reached the crossroads, and do you have the feeling that design thinking can be the solution? Come on, give us a challenge!

Above all: a strong concept

The binding connection between strategy and the end result is a strong concept. One strategy is to really make the concept fit. A strong concept provides that one key component that is felt in every fibre of the product. Whether it's an app, an online store, a catalogue or a poster series.


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