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How do you develop a strong brand?

Appearance, behaviour & communication.

For more than twenty five years brands have been the starting point of everything we do here at Fabrique. We’re convinced that a strong brand should be felt in everything you deliver, do and say. Using various brand strategy methods and tools we help our clients to understand and express their brand better. Using something like this simple model by scientists Birkigt & Stadler. They determined that all brands express themselves through three handy dimensions.


What is your challenge?

When should you do something with your brand? There are various kinds of challenges and reasons to start managing a brand.

  • Sometimes Fabrique is asked to build up a new brand from scratch. There is a business idea, but who are we and who will we be?
  • Sometimes a new activity calls for the refinement of an existing brand. Internationalisation, for example, or a start in the world of e-commerce.
  • And often the companies that are looking into branding strategy or brand development are changing direction, and with it, their whole company.

Curious Yellow.

The Edinburgh International Festival

Edinburgh International Festival is the most important festival for performing arts in the world. Its strong reputation and rich history attracts the best artists, but the public doesn’t recognize the festival amongst the broad array of festivals on offer in the city of Edinburgh. We sharpened the brand and developed a new identity and communication style. One that makes the festival’s history and quality visible and tangible for today’s visitors.

Step into our world.

Fred de la Bretonière

The Fred de la Bretonière and Shabbies brands grew large because of the ambitions and craftsmanship of Fred de la Bretonière himself. But then Fred took a step back. Without him, his company needed a shared feeling, something to hold on to. In a number of steps, including conversations with the founder himself, we created brand guides for both brands, that are used by all employees, including the international sales force.

The big outdoors begins at Bever’s.


We helped Bever, a well-known large outdoor store in the Netherlands, to rediscover what their brand stood for. How do you position a brand which is seen as a little outdated, and bring it back to the now? We made the target audience larger; more than just the seasoned Alpinists. And we claimed market leadership. We marketed Bever as a company that pushes boundaries.

First the brand, then the positioning.

When it’s clear what products and services you bring to society, who your clients are and what your brand entails, it's time to give your brand a competitive positioning. A good positioning determines which category the product or the service belongs to, but also what makes that product or service stand out from the rest.

This leads to inspiring starting points for communication, style and service. Take a look at our work for Bever, for example. Or read about The Edinburgh International Festival, which we dubbed The International.

Brand portfolio and brand architecture.

When a company grows, its products or services become more comprehensive, successful, and often more versatile. It starts to develop its own flavour. Whether the staff realises it or not, the company gains a place in the market, as a single brand.

Fabrique can guide you in making choices about your brand portfolio. Do you want to centralise the branding of your products or services, or would you prefer to decentralise it? What about an endorsement? What delivers the best customer experience? We have lots of experience regarding all these dilemmas and we are ready to get started with you.

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